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Celebrating Jesus Through Mime Ministry: A Blessed Experience with Country Lights Ministries at Daystar Cathedral Mbarara

Dear friends, We are excited to share the joyous moments of our recent ministry event at Daystar International Ministries in Mbarara, which took place on Sunday, January 28th, 2024. The Country Lights Ministries team had a wonderful time serving Jesus

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Upholding Our Educational Foundations A Call to Action for Public School Lands in Uganda

Upholding Our Educational Foundations: A Call to Action for Public School Lands

Dear Supporters and Advocates, Preserving Our Educational Heritage: Uniting Against Land Grabbing On the vibrant evening of December 31st, 2023, I had the privilege of addressing a spirited gathering at Old Kampala Senior Secondary School Sports Ground. It was not

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Empowering Future Leaders Country Lights Ministries' High School Conference 2023 Recap

Empowering Future Leaders: Country Lights Ministries’ Impactful High School Outreach and Student Conference in 2023 Alternative Titles:

Dear Supporters and Friends of Country Lights Ministries, I am pleased to share with you the profound impact of our high school outreach programs conducted throughout 2023. As the Director of Country Lights Ministries in Uganda, it has been an

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Mime and Meaning: A Journey with Country Lights at Worship House Nansana

A Transformative Journey with Country Lights at Worship House Nansana Dear supporters and believers in the power of transformative art, We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Pastor Wilson Bugembe, whose generosity opened the doors for us to

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Munezero Puruffe Age 8

Munezero Puruffe

Meet Peter: A Young Boy with Big Dreams Peter is a lively 3rd-grade student, full of enthusiasm and determination. He is a 2nd-born child in a family of 6 children and attends Old Kampala Primary School. With dreams as high

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Iyere Mildred Age 7

Iyere Mildred

Meet Iyere Mildred: A Future Lawyer in the Making Iyere Mildred, a spirited 7-year-old girl, is the embodiment of hope and ambition. As you dive into her story, you’ll discover the profound impact that your support through the Child Sponsorship

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Kimuli Rahim Age 9

Kimuli Rahim

Introducing Kimuli Rahim: A Glimpse into a Brighter Future At Country Lights Ministries in Uganda, we believe that every child deserves a chance at a brighter future. One child at a time, one dream at a time, we are making

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Maria Jennet Age 11

Maria Jennet

Introducing Maria Jennet – Age 11 Maria Jennet is an extraordinary 11-year-old girl, and she’s a bright star at the heart of Country Lights Ministries in Uganda. As we delve into her world, you’ll discover the incredible potential of child

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Bunjo Enock Age 12

Bunjo Enock

Meet Bunjo Enock, Age 12 Class: Primary 5 School: Namirembe Infants Gender: Male Birth Order: 3rd of 3 children Family Status: Lives with a single mother Career Aspiration: Aspires to be a pilot Health Complication: None   Bunjo’s Story Bunjo

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Namulondo Patricia Age 14

Namulondo Patricia

Meet Namulondo Patricia:  At Country Lights Ministries in Uganda, we believe in the power of education and community support to transform the lives of children like Namulondo Patricia. Patricia is a 14-year-old girl with dreams as bright as the sun,

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Mulungi Patricia Age 14

Mulungi Patricia

Meet Mulungi Patricia, a bright and determined 14-year-old girl in Uganda, supported by Country Lights Ministries’ Child Sponsorship Scheme. Patricia’s story is one of resilience, dreams, and a promising future, all made possible through the power of sponsorship. Patricia’s Details:

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Tallat Baljes Lone Age 15

Tallat Baljes Lone

Discover the Impact of Child Sponsorship: Tallat’s Journey Meet Tallat Baljes Lone, a bright and ambitious 15-year-old student from Uganda, and learn about her story in the Child Sponsorship Scheme at Country Lights Ministries.  Tallat’s Profile: Name: Tallat Baljes Lone

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