Drama Country Lights Uganda uses drama to tell the truth of what is really going on in our society today concerning talents, moral behaviors, spiritual maturity and making decisions among young people, we do drama basing on real life scenarios that challenge young people of the consequences that exist when they live their lives irresponsibly. Dance The purpose of the dance is to help young people relate to our message in a style that feels comfortable with them. We use different forms of dance with songs lyrics that have strong words that affirm the message from the drama, music and motivational speaking. Combining the different forms of dancing with strong lyrics is entertaining conveys a message to the audience.

Dance Heaven Champions Award

Country Lights Children won the Dance Heaven Competition Season 2 which was conveyed at miracle center by Pr. Robert Kayanja. Over 80 gospel dance groups were involved in the competition and by God’s grace country lights children won it with

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Certificate - Uganda Youth Forum Annual Youth Conference 2014 - Country Lights

UNAIDS Certificate of Participation in Creative Dance

UNAIDS Certificate of Participation in Creative Dance Competitions during the Uganda Youth Forum Annual National Youth Conference 2014.

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Certificate - Dance Battle Jubilee Christian Church International - Country Light

Jubilee Christian Life Church International Dance Battle

Jubilee Christian Life Church International Dance Battle Certificate of Performance awarded to Country Lights Uganda for participating in the 2015 Dance Battle Edition.

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Certificate - Entertainment Dance Festival Season Two Exodus Church Nakulabye Kampala - Uganda - Country Lights

E – Entertainment Certificate of Participation

Certificate of Participation in E- Entertainment Dance Festival Season Two on 11th – December – 2011 at EXodus Christian Church Nakulabye in Kampala, Uganda.

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Certificate of Appreciation - Scripture Union Uganda - Country Lights

Scripture Union 2013 – 2014

Certificate of Appreciation from The Scripture Union of Uganda certifying that Country Lights Uganda has offered distinguished services as a partner and has been considered for this award of a certificate of merit.

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