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Winning Children Souls to Christ - Country Lights Children Ministry Uganda

Welcome to Country Lights Ministries’ Children Ministry Work

At Country Lights Ministries, we believe in nurturing the hearts and minds of our future generations. Our Children Department is dedicated to spreading the gospel truth, promoting community service, and fostering acts of kindness and charity by and for children. We firmly believe that every child has the potential to shine brightly in this world, and we are here to guide them on this remarkable journey.

Our Mission

Our primary mission revolves around the welfare of children within society, the church, rural outreach, and all other entities that interact with these precious souls. Our dedicated Children Department takes on the following crucial responsibilities:

Grooming Children in Moral Behaviors:

  • We understand that children are a gift from the Lord, and with this gift comes a profound responsibility. As stewards of God’s children, parents are entrusted with the duty of aiding children in their physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth.
  • Our organization, as an extension of these responsibilities, also takes on the task of nurturing moral behavior and spiritual growth among the children we serve. We believe that a strong moral foundation is essential for the holistic development of a child.

Spiritual Growth:

  • At Country Lights Ministries, we acknowledge the immense importance of spiritual development in a child’s life. We firmly believe that children should be introduced to the teachings of Jesus Christ from a young age.
  • We are dedicated to ministering to the spiritual needs of our children through our comprehensive Children’s Ministry Program. This program is vital because it addresses a pressing issue: many young people reach adulthood without a strong connection to Christ. They were not adequately prepared to accept Him as their Savior.
  • One significant reason for this disconnect is the lack of effective children’s ministries in some organizations. We are committed to ensuring that children have the guidance and support they need to invite Jesus into their lives.

Office Location

  • If you wish to visit us or get in touch, our office is conveniently located in Kampala, Nakulabye, Balintuma Road, just opposite Shalom School – Nursery and Day Care. We invite you to stop by and see the positive impact we are making in the lives of children.

Contact Us

  • For inquiries or further information, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. You can contact us at +256773749871 or +256700400284.


Country Lights Ministries’ Children Department is dedicated to providing a nurturing and spiritually enriching environment for children. We believe that by planting the seeds of faith, love, and kindness in their hearts, we can help them grow into responsible, compassionate, and spiritually aware individuals.

Join us in our mission to light up the lives of children and empower them to become beacons of hope in our communities. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of these precious young souls. Thank you for your support and commitment to the future of our children.

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