Country Lights Uganda Child Protection Policy – Download or View PDF


Definition of Key Terms

Child: A child in Uganda and under this policy is defined as any person below the age of 18 years

Representatives: All paid or unpaid staff, volunteers, consultants, Board members, visitors appointed or recruited by Country Lights or deemed to be representing Country Lights in Uganda or anywhere in the world.

Partner: Any organization has a formal partnership agreement with Country Lights and is in the implementation of projects, programmes and activities.

Affiliates: Any formal or informal arrangement entered into with another entity including Government, non-governmental organization, church or faith based organization, or individuals , by Country Lights for specific events whether on short term basis or long-term.

Sponsor: Any person who has selected one or more children in Country Lights Uganda under sponsorship programme and commits to support the child and his/her family by making financial contributions.

Visitor: Person authorized to visit Country Lights programmes in the community, national office, or Country Lights partners within Uganda.

Board member: Any member of the voluntary governing body of Country Lights at national, Cluster and ADP level.

Contractors: Any person or company that Country Lights has entered into agreement with to provide goods or services for a specified period of time.

Volunteers: Any individual who works for Country Lights without any form of remuneration or on voluntary terms.

Intern: Any person sent by an institution to learn practical skills from Country Lights Uganda.

Staff: Any person who has been formally appointed as an employee of Country Lights Uganda on a contract basis.

Casual or temporary staff: Any person who has been hired on specific length (not more than four months) of time to do a specific job or assignment.

Download the Child Protection Policy – Country Lights Uganda.