Since 2010, the Children choir has been honored to hold concerts in various cities across the Uganda – in churches, schools, and festivals; treating audiences to fun-filled, culturally-unique, interactive and inspirational concerts.

The high-energy concerts are so electrifying, that being at one of them will elate you as you watch these amazing children perform well-crafted dances, songs, mimes gestures, African drum routines, and much more.



Expect to experience TRUE AFRICA showcased through culturally unique music, a variety of dances, and well-crafted drum routines, performed with great passion and high energy.

Audiences will feel the spirit and energy of Africa, infused with passionate voices, as the Country Lights’ Children choir tells their story. They use Creative arts to narrate some of Uganda’s culture and history.
Students will learn something new but they will also be elated at the opportunity of sharing the stage with the choir, participating in the playing of the African drums.



Country Lights Children Choir concerts are an inspirational and exciting blend of unique arrangements, Original composition, praise and worship songs, dances, mime gestures and traditional hymns, all produced by Country Lights very talented Music Directors. For choir booking email us on;


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