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Drama Country Lights Uganda uses drama to tell the truth of what is really going on in our society today concerning talents, moral behaviors, spiritual maturity and making decisions among young people, we do drama basing on real life scenarios that challenge young people of the consequences that exist when they live their lives irresponsibly. Dance The purpose of the dance is to help young people relate to our message in a style that feels comfortable with them. We use different forms of dance with songs lyrics that have strong words that affirm the message from the drama, music and motivational speaking. Combining the different forms of dancing with strong lyrics is entertaining conveys a message to the audience.

Welcome to the Experience Choir Project by Country Lights Ministries in Uganda!

Since our inception in 2010, the Country Lights Children Choir has been on a remarkable journey, spreading joy and inspiration through music and culture. We take immense pride in sharing the vibrant and rich tapestry of Uganda with audiences far and wide. From cities to churches, schools to festivals, our choir has graced numerous stages, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds.

A Cultural Odyssey Across Uganda

Our concerts are not mere performances; they are captivating experiences that transport you into the heart and soul of Africa. The high-energy concerts are nothing short of electrifying. Attending one of our shows is an opportunity to witness the incredible talents of these remarkable children. With well-crafted dances, soul-stirring songs, expressive mime gestures, African drum routines, and so much more, our concerts are a celebration of the beauty of Uganda’s culture.

For Schools and Public Events

When you invite the Country Lights Children Choir to your school or public event, you can expect to embark on a journey that showcases the true essence of Africa. Our performances feature culturally unique music, an array of mesmerizing dances, and expertly crafted drum routines. The passion and energy that emanate from our choir members are palpable, and they take great pride in sharing their stories through the creative arts. Students not only learn about Uganda’s culture and history but also have the opportunity to share the stage with the choir and participate in the rhythmic beats of African drums.

For Churches

Our concerts for churches offer an inspirational and exhilarating blend of musical arrangements. From original compositions to praise and worship songs, dances to mime gestures, and traditional hymns, our repertoire is a testament to the exceptional talents of Country Lights’ very own Music Directors. If you are looking to infuse your church service with a unique and uplifting experience, booking the Country Lights Children Choir is the perfect choice. For choir booking inquiries, please contact us at info@countrylights.org.

Book the Experience Choir Now

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to host the Experience Choir Project by Country Lights Ministries in Uganda at your next event. To secure your date and experience the magic of our choir firsthand, please fill out the form below.

Office Location

Visit us at our office in Kampala, Nakulabye Balintuma Road, just across from Shalom School – Nursery and Day Care.

Telephone Contacts

Feel free to reach out to us at +256773749871 or +256700400284 for any inquiries or to discuss booking options.

At Country Lights Ministries, we believe that music and culture have the power to inspire, unite, and uplift. Join us on this incredible journey as we continue to spread the spirit and energy of Africa to the world, one concert at a time. Experience the magic of the Country Lights Children Choir today!


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