Maria Jennet
Maria Jennet Age 11

Introducing Maria Jennet – Age 11

Maria Jennet is an extraordinary 11-year-old girl, and she’s a bright star at the heart of Country Lights Ministries in Uganda. As we delve into her world, you’ll discover the incredible potential of child sponsorship to transform young lives.

Maria’s Details

  • Class: P.6
  • School: Namirembe Infants
  • Gender: Female
  • Birth Order: 1st born of 6 children
  • Family Status: Staying with both parents
  • Aspiration: She dreams of becoming a Lawyer
  • Health Condition: Maria faces a significant challenge – a Heart Condition

Maria’s story reflects the hopes, dreams, and unique circumstances of many children in Uganda. Child sponsorship provides a pathway to a brighter future for children like Maria, who are facing adversity.


Why Sponsor a Child like Maria?

  1. Empower Dreams: Maria’s aspiration to become a Lawyer showcases her determination and potential. By sponsoring her, you can be a part of turning her dreams into reality.
  2. Support Education: Maria is currently in P.6 at Namirembe Infants School. With your help, she can receive the education she needs to succeed in her chosen career.
  3. Family Unity: Maria is fortunate to live with both of her parents. Sponsoring her ensures that she can stay with her family while receiving the support she needs to thrive.
  4. Healthcare Assistance: Maria’s Heart Condition is a significant concern. Sponsoring her will provide access to healthcare resources and medical attention, improving her chances for a healthier, happier life.


Maria’s story is just one of many, and by sponsoring a child through Country Lights Ministries, you can make a real difference in their lives. Join us in creating a brighter future for children like Maria, one dream at a time.

To sponsor a child’s education contact us today using or call +256 700 400284.

Sponsorship Terms

Sponsorship FAQ

For more information, you can contact us directly.

In 2015, the organization came up with an idea of starting up an excellent Academic school Project of Primary and Secondary Education in Luwero district that could avail free good educational provisions to vulnerable and orphan children and youth in this district.

This idea came with the purpose of empowering and providing excellent free education to these children and youth since they are unable to be in schools that could avail good education due to the inability of finances to enable them be in such schools.

Towards the end of 2017, The Board of Directors of Country Lights Uganda passed a resolution to start on this project in 2018. The project is start with a Primary school to minimize the rampant growth of uneducated vulnerable and orphan children due to the inability of their parents or guardians financially to meet the standards of quality education schools in Uganda.

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Sponsorship


What does it cost to sponsor a child?
A regular commitment of $30 a month, or $360 a year for a child in a community school, or minimum commitment of $45 a month, $540 a year, for a Choir member, lasting for the duration of the child’s education.


Will I receive a tax receipt?
In countries where applicable, donations are tax deductible as allowable by law. Tax receipts are sent at the end of each year.


How can I pay for my sponsorship?
You can sign up for automatic monthly payments through your Credit Card or bank account, or send checks monthly, quarterly, semi–annually or yearly. Contact our office or send your payment direct to our bank account.


Will I receive monthly reminders for payment?
No. While your donations and commitment are appreciated, our offices cannot process monthly reminders in addition to coordinating sponsorship efforts at this time.


How much of my donation goes to the child I am sponsoring?
Country Lights Uganda is compliant with non–profit standards, sending approximately 80% of child sponsorship donations directly to field operations for program services.

The remaining 20% contributes to program costs such as: producing information packs, courier costs, printing child update photos and coordinating sponsorship letters.

Your financial support will help your child achieve a better life in their future; it pays for their school fees, supplies, uniforms and most importantly a daily meal.

Your child will be uplifted by your encouragement, love and prayers.


Will I be able to correspond with my child?
You can expect a letter from your child about two to four times a year. A teacher or assistant will help a younger child who has not yet learned to write, or could receive a lovely drawing in lieu of a written letter.

In some of the countries the letters are translated, but most of the children learn English at school.

We encourage you to write to your sponsored child. More information about how to write to your child will be sent to you once you become a sponsor.

Your letters are treasured by the children. It is very special to them that someone they have never met loves them enough to provide a future for them. The children love to hear about your family and friends, your daily activities, the foods you eat, the types of animals in your area, and the seasons in your part of the world. All letters are directed through our office. We do our best to ensure the privacy and safety of both our children and sponsors.


Can I continue corresponding with my child after I no longer sponsor them?
No. At this time Country Lights Uganda only accommodates letters between sponsored children and their current sponsors.


Can I send gifts to my child?
No. Due to the high costs of shipping, complex customs and border regulations in many African countries, and fairness to all our children,Country Lights Uganda does not allow gifts.

However, at Christmas you will be given the opportunity to donate towards a special gift for your child that will be purchased in their country; this has the added benefit of being an investment into their country’s economy. This is always a practical gift that will also benefit the whole family. Examples include: towels and toiletries, school supplies, a mattress, etc.


What if I am not able to make a payment?
While it is important to understand that your commitment allows Country Lights Uganda to fulfill its commitment to the children, if you are experiencing financial challenges please contact our office.


How does my child benefit by my support?

Please refrain from sending your sponsored child money or birthday gifts.


Can I visit my sponsored child?
Absolutely! This is always a life–changing event for both children and their sponsors. If you are planning a trip to the area your child lives in, simply contact our office and we will make necessary arrangements for you to meet your child. For further information email us on


Have any more questions. Send them below:

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We are committed to protecting your right to privacy, especially regarding personal information.



  • We respect and honor all our stakeholders, and their right to be treated courteously, fairly and have their privacy protected.


  • Personal information is given in good faith by sponsors and donors and will only be used to maintain or enhance their relationship with Country Lights Uganda. and sponsored program members. We only provide sponsors’ names and country to the sponsored members.


  • Similarly, we will protect the rights of sponsored members – providing only such information deemed necessary and appropriate for maintaining the relationship between program members and their Sponsors.


  • We allow sponsors to remove their name from mailing lists.



  • Only with your consent, and only when necessary, will we collect and supply your personal information.


  • You can make anonymous donations.


  • You can complete marketing surveys for improving customer service, anonymously.


  • Personal details are required to connect a sponsor with a child, to allow us process and post a receipt, magazine or letter, send new or updated child information, establish periodic payments, and maintain the relationship between sponsors and Country Lights Uganda.



  • We implemented procedural, physical and electronic means to safeguard our sponsors’ personal information.


  • We have also verified the security and privacy provisions of other organizations to whom we provide information about sponsors. These include our bank, merchant services and mailing service (if applicable).
  • We do not and will not rent, exchange or sell mailing lists of our

Sponsors to other organizations or businesses.


  • We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption when collecting or transferring credit card information via the internet, ensuring a secure environment for the transfer of your confidential data from your browser to our financial institution using the latest encryption technology.




  • We are committed to allowing sponsors see and correct their information that is shown to be incorrect or outdated.


  • Our staff will clearly identify themselves when making contact with sponsors, and all letters and marketing materials will contain the country lights Uganda logo and contact details.


  • We are available to answer specific questions regarding our Organization

or provide more information about our privacy policy.



  • The regular sponsorship rate for the US is $40 per month or $480 annually not including the credit and debit card processing and transaction fees
  • We accept all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa and American Express and payments by cheque or money order.
  • We will record all your monetary contributions on your Annual Giving Statement, which we will send to you at the end of the financial year.



  • Your regular payment is important to care for the children and members in our care. The need for follow-up on sponsors who miss payments increases administration costs.
  • If you miss a payment, you will receive a notice from our office, and we will be happy to help you Catch-up on the delayed payments.
  • If your late payments are not made up within two months, we reserve the right to cancel your sponsorship, and try to find another sponsor for your sponsored child.




  • Sponsorship payments are NON-REFUNDABLE for all processed and completed online transactions.


If you choose to cancel future payments, please contact our office, and we shall help you. Notice to cancel future sponsorship payments must be made seven days before the payment due date.


  • If payments are processed beyond the agreed stop date, we will be able to make the refund by reversing the transaction through our bank or the payment service provider.
  • In the case of wrong deductions or error transactions, any extra charges involved in making the refund will be incurred by us.