Country Lights Academy Project

The School Outreach Department department focuses on the young people in high schools and colleges in Uganda. It reaches out to youth with the purpose capacity building, youth empowerment and Awareness on HIV/AIDS. These are done through workshops, Debates, Seminars, Conferences.

Welcome to Country Lights Academy, a beacon of hope in Luwero district, Uganda. For the past six years, our organization has been tirelessly engaged in missionary work, reaching out to one of the poorest districts in the country where 80% of the population grapples with unemployment and families survive on just one meal a day, valued at a mere $1.

Our research revealed a dire situation: 78% of the children in Luwero district lack access to quality education due to the unemployment of their parents or guardians. In response to this pressing need, Country Lights Uganda conceived the idea of establishing an exemplary academic institution – the Country Lights Academy. This initiative aims to provide free, high-quality education to vulnerable and orphaned children and youth in Luwero district, who are otherwise unable to attend schools that offer excellent educational opportunities.

In 2019, we laid the foundation for this transformative project, and by the end of 2023, the Board of Directors of Country Lights Uganda passed a resolution to launch the Primary Country Lights Academy in 2024. This primary school will initially cater to three thousand children between the ages of five and fifteen, covering Primary one to Primary seven upon completion.

The primary objective of the Country Lights Academy is to curb the rampant growth of uneducated vulnerable and orphaned children by providing them with a conducive learning environment. To achieve this, the first phase of the project requires Country Lights Uganda to raise $1,000,000. We are reaching out to compassionate individuals, donors, well-wishers, and grant providers to join hands with us in turning this vision into a reality.

Our primary strategy for fundraising includes actively seeking donations, engaging with well-wishers, and applying for grants. We are immensely grateful to our monthly sponsors for their consistent support towards children’s sponsorships. To ensure transparency and accountability, we are fundraising to generate the necessary funds for this project beyond sponsorship and our operating budget. We need your support to accomplish this ambitious goal.

Country Lights Uganda firmly believes that once the Country Lights Academy is established, countless vulnerable and orphaned children and youth in Luwero district will gain access to free, high-quality education. This education will empower them to become resourceful contributors to society, ultimately making Luwero a better place to live.

Join us in lighting up the future for these deserving children. Your support can make a lasting impact on their lives and the entire Luwero community. Together, let’s make quality education a reality for those who need it the most.

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