Upholding Our Educational Foundations: A Call to Action for Public School Lands
Upholding Our Educational Foundations A Call to Action for Public School Lands in Uganda

Dear Supporters and Advocates,

Preserving Our Educational Heritage: Uniting Against Land Grabbing

On the vibrant evening of December 31st, 2023, I had the privilege of addressing a spirited gathering at Old Kampala Senior Secondary School Sports Ground. It was not just a celebration of the New Year; it was a rallying cry for a cause that lies at the heart of our nation’s future—the protection of government school lands.

Beyond Prayers: A Pledge to Safeguard Public School Lands

In a resounding call to action, I urged each person present to join hands in safeguarding our educational institutions from the clutches of unscrupulous forces, determined to snatch away every inch of public land through covert and insidious means. The threat is real, and the stakes are high; it is our collective responsibility to thwart the ambitions of these land-grabbing mafias who spare no effort to undermine the foundations of our society.

Prayers are a powerful force, and I encouraged everyone not to underestimate their impact. However, I emphasized that our commitment should extend beyond prayer alone. We must actively engage in the crucial matters of national importance and politics, becoming the architects of positive change that will shape Uganda into a better place for generations to come.

It is my firm belief that a nation’s strength lies in its education system, and the protection of government school lands is paramount to ensuring a bright and prosperous future. Let us unite, not just in words but in purposeful deeds, to shield our educational institutions from the encroachment of those with vested interests.

Building Tomorrow: Joining Hands for a Secure Educational Future

As we embark on this journey together, let us be reminded that our efforts today will determine the legacy we leave for tomorrow. Together, we can create a Uganda where education is a beacon of hope, undeterred by the shadows of corruption and greed.

With gratitude for your unwavering support,

Hon. James Mubiru Country Director