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Welcome to Country Lights Ministries in Uganda, where creativity meets purpose, and the arts become a powerful tool for positive change. We are thrilled to introduce you to our Creative Arts Ministry, a dynamic and impactful endeavor aimed at transforming the lives of young people in our society. Through the expressive mediums of Dance and Drama, we endeavor to illuminate the path towards talent realization, moral guidance, spiritual maturity, and responsible decision-making.

Drama with a Purpose

At Country Lights, we recognize the immense power of drama in conveying profound truths about the world we live in. Our drama productions are not just performances; they are poignant reflections of the challenges faced by today’s youth. We delve into real-life scenarios, crafting narratives that resonate with the experiences of young people. Through our drama, we aim to awaken awareness among the youth regarding the consequences of living life irresponsibly.

Our scripts are carefully crafted to tackle issues that matter most to young minds, such as talents, moral behaviors, spiritual growth, and decision-making. By immersing our audiences in these relatable narratives, we empower them to reflect on their own lives, make informed choices, and embrace positive change.

Creative Dance for Connection

In addition to drama, we harness the power of Creative Dance as a means to connect with young hearts and minds. Dance, as a universal language, allows us to bridge the gap between performance and personal experience. We understand that young people often relate more comfortably to messages delivered through movement and music.

Our Creative Dance performances are a fusion of various dance forms, each carefully selected to complement the message conveyed through our drama. Paired with powerful song lyrics, these dances serve to reinforce the overarching theme of our productions. By combining different dance styles with lyrical masterpieces, we not only entertain but also convey a profound message to our audience.

Join Us at Our Office

Country Lights Ministries is headquartered in the vibrant city of Kampala, conveniently located on Nakulabye Balintuma Road, just opposite Shalom School – Nursery and Day Care. We welcome you to visit our office, where you can learn more about our ministry’s work and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Get in Touch

Should you wish to reach out to us, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. You can reach our dedicated team at:

Telephone: +256773749871 or +256700400284

Thank you for your interest in Country Lights Ministries and our Creative Arts Ministry. Together, we can continue to inspire positive change, nurture talents, and empower the youth of Uganda. Join us on this incredible journey of transformation through the arts.

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